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(B-STOCK) Cheetah Mounts Dual Articulating Arm TV Wall Mount Bracket for 20-65” TVs up to VESA 400 and 115lbs

(B-STOCK) Cheetah Mounts Dual Articulating Arm TV Wall Mount Bracket for 20-65” TVs up to VESA 400 and 115lbs

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Fits TVs up to VESA 400 (NOT VESA 600)
This mount fits TVs up to VESA 400. Most TVs 65” and smaller use VESA 400 or smaller. But some TVs 65” and smaller use VESA 600. This mount will Not fit VESA 600 even if the TV is 65” or less. If your TV has a VESA 600 hole pattern, we suggest the APDAM2B.

Fits 16” Studs (NOT 20” or 24”)
The wall plate for this mount is 17” and will fit 16” wall studs. Once mounted on two 16” wall studs, the TV will be centered between the two studs. No side to side adjustment is possible. If your walls have 20” or 24” studs, this mount will not fit. For 24” studs, we suggest the APDAM2B.

TV Screws
Many TVs require no screws because they use the same screws from the TV stand. This mount ships with one set each of 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm TV screws. It also includes spaces to adjust for screw length. These screws support most TVs but Not All TVs. If your TV requires different screws, Cheetah Mounts stocks hundreds of TV screw sets at their US warehouse which they will ship for free.

TV Leveling
If you mount the wall plate level on the wall, the TV plate may still not be level. To correct for this, there are four screws where the arms attach to the TV plate. If you loosen these screws you can rotate the TV plate to level it. The amount of rotation adjustment required can vary as the arms are extended.

14" Extension, Low 2.7" Profile, 130° Swivel, 10° Tilt
The articulating arm extends up to 14" from the wall yet collapses to 2.7". The mount allows for up to 130° swivel and 10° tilt. The amount of swivel is limited on larger TVs as the edge of the TV hits the wall.

10' Twisted Veins HDMI Cable and 6" Magnetic Bubble Level
The mount includes a 10’ Twisted Veins High Speed with Ethernet HDMI cable featuring 4K 60HZ HDR signal support and a protective braided jacket. A 6" 3-axis Magnetic Bubble Level is also included.

All our mounts come with a lifetime guarantee. If you experience ANY issues, please contact us.

    • Fits VESA 400 TVs up to 115lbs. Will NOT fit VESA 600 TVs even if they are 65” or less. The APDAM2B model fits VESA 600.
    • The 17” wall plate fits 16” wall studs exactly. When mounted to 16” studs, no side to side on wall adjustment is possible. The TV will be centered in the middle of the studs. It will NOT fit 20” or 24” studs. The APDAM2B model fits up to 24” studs.
    • This mount ships with Four sets of TV mounting screws and spacers to fit most TVs, but it does Not have screws for All TVs. However, if your TV requires different screws, Cheetah stocks hundreds of TV screw sets in the US and will ship any required screws for free.
    • Even with the Wall Plate Level, the TV plate may be out of level depending on the weight distribution of your TV. Four screws in the TV plate, when loosened, allow for rotation adjustment for leveling.
    • 14" Extension, 2.7" profile when Collapsed, 130° Swivel and 10° Tilt. Includes a 10' Twisted Veins HDMI Cable, and a 6" 3 Axis Magnetic Bubble Level and a Lifetime Guarantee.
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