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Ravelli ATD Tripod Dolly Foot Clamp

Ravelli ATD Tripod Dolly Foot Clamp

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The Ravelli ATD Tripod Dolly is designed to allow rolling movement of your tripod or light stand from one location to another without lifting. It uses large rubber surfaced wheels.

The 3” wheels are lockable with step function locking. On each leg of the dolly are sliding adjustable foot locks for your tripod or stand. The dolly is collapsible and has a carry handle and a carry bag. The legs disassemble into two sections for shorter storage if desired.

Each dolly leg is 16” long allowing for a maximum diameter spread of 36”.

The larger rubber wheels with ball bearings do allow for relatively smooth rolling motion.  However, this may not be sufficient for truly zero jitter video.  Actual results will vary based on the smoothness of the ground surface and the presence of any dirt or debris.

If you are looking for ultra smooth video, possibly better options would be a mounted glider/slider on the top of the tripod or a floor mounted track system.

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